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Speed & Style

Our mission is to recreate the instinctive and intuitive thrill of driving fast. We achieve this by returning to the elemental science and simplicity of the sports car. The car we have chosen to recreate is the classic Porsche RS 911 of 1972/1973. This iconic car earned its place in motoring history in the seventies. Its success on and off the track has been attributed to “less being more”.

After all, the first thing you do in a modern supercar is turn the traction control off!

Iconic Investment

Our 911s give you the benefit of owning a legendary car that you can use every day, knowing that it’s not at the expense of all those important things in life. Whether you choose to spend £75,000 or £125,000, our cars will hold or appreciate in value.

A Porsche from Rennsport – more enjoyable and more exciting than an ISA! 

Fun & Friendship

Driving fast is fun but perhaps best experienced on your own – when you’re just responsible for yourself! However, at the end of the day, sharing those experiences can be just as rewarding. Rennsport is located at the Cotswold Business Village, close to Cornbury House, the home of the Porsche Club GB.

The fit with machine is all important, the fit with your family and friends is what makes the real difference! 

Our Mission

The ultimate, early 911 was the 2.7RS, developed in the seventies. The RS encapsulated the quality of every fine sports car in concentrated form. Fast and raw, with the sharpest steering and perfect balance, the RS became an iconic car. Over the decades, this platform evolved into the dynamic and superbly engineered machine that is the 911 of today. Mechanical fuel injection gave way to electronics, gear shifts to paddles.

We are restoring and recreating the driving experience of the RS that has become something of a “Holy Grail” to Porsche drivers. We want you to enjoy the experience of the build to your own specification and have the excitement of driving this celebrated car as if it was new from the factory. We want it to be exactly right for you.

What do we do?

We professionally convert 1980s impact bumper Porsche 911s, 964 Carrera 2s and Carrera 4s to recreate the 1973 Carrera RS. At our new facilities, based in the beautiful surroundings of the Cotswolds, we have created a hi-tech, yet comfortable, working environment. We work to exacting standards of expertise and our fully-qualified mechanics are Porsche-trained with years of professional experience. We are committed to producing quality engineering, with high levels of finish and detail, and our cars are all fully warrantied. We are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about our work and passionate in giving you value for money and real customer satisfaction. A car from Rennsport is something truly special.

We only deal in genuine and recreated ’73 Carrera RS models – restorations and recreations are to the very highest possible standard, with cars built to each customer’s personal specifications.

We work from the following base cars:

1977-1983 911 SC 3.0L 915 box
1983-1987 911 Carrera 3.2L 915 box
1987-1989 911 Carrera 3.2LL G50 box
1989-1992 964 Carrera 2 3.6L G50 box or tiptronic
1989-1992 964 Carrera 4 3.6L manual or tiptronic
1978-1986 930 Turbo 3.3L manual
1986-1989 930 Turbo 3.3L manual

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